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Welcome to the Healthy Travel Shop

We stock a range of health products and travel products suitable for all types of outdoor activities, from a walk in the country to trekking in the jungle. Many of our products are particularly useful in helping to reduce the risk of tropical diseases and travel related infections.

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Biox Aqua Tabs

If you are planning a tropical holiday, backpacking holiday or adventure travel, use our shop to buy all your healthcare requirements, including insect repellents, mosquito nets, first aid kits, water purification tablets, sun cream and sterile kits.

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Please note that the information provided on this website is for general guidance only. When planning foreign travel, especially to tropical areas, you should always seek detailed medical advice from your doctor or a travel medicine specialist regarding specific risks and precautions.

We cannot prescribe health products or travel products online or over the phone, and we cannot guarantee that the use of these products will protect you from tropical diseases or travel related infections.